Home Maintenance Inspections

HBC Inspection Services prides itself in providing to you, the knowlege and understanding needed for long term care for your real estate investment. We have inspected homes that required a substantial amount of repairs (equal to $$$$) just to remain habitable. All the time the owners stated their house was solid and in great shape.

The highly skilled and trained inspectors of HBC can provide an affortable, thorough inspection, that will allow you to fully understand the general health status and overall conditions impacting your home and property. One of the greatest threats to a home is water intrusion or penetration, typically a product of poor exterior water management conditions. Something as simple as a clogged gutter drain may allow water to enter into the structure and create a condition indicative to moisture damage, and possibly even mold.

A simplified check sheet is utilized during the home maintainence inspection to provide you the client with an immediate, easy to understand, on-site report. The major components and systems of the house will be visually evaluated and noted on the report as: 1.) Serviceable, 2.) Needs Maintainence, 3.) Needs Repair, or 4.) Needs Prompt Professional Evaluation and Repair.

HBC Inspection Services is committed to providing you, our client, with the latest technologies available in regard to maintaining and oe evaluating your home. To this end, we are constantly training and investigating new home ideas on the market. Our services, and information ultimately will provide you with the greatest financial return on your real estate investment.