Home Inspection... "House of Horrors"


I have a favorite expression I tell my clients when we discover "it" during the home inspection. "I never try to figure out why people do some of the things they do". "It"...is the second set of attic steps in the hallway... next to the original steps, or the electrical outlet in the shower wall (real stories) ! 


Sandy damaged electrical sytems are our worst nightmare. Submerged "Romex" electrical wire or cable must be replaced. The Seaside Boardwalk fire, which destroyed 50 plus businesses, was the direct result of Sandy damage or submerged wiring. I have personally exposed unprofessional contractors who have secured electrical certifications for damaged electrical wiring. My clients walked away from the house because the homeowner claimed "it was all hype" !!


New construction is not always that. I can't forget the main electrical panel in a brand new townhouse. Approximately half of the outlets and switches did not function thru the house. Three of the four "GFCI" circuit breakers would not trip with the simple "Test" safety button installed on the breaker. Yet there was a brand new final inspection sticker on the panel cover from the town...next to the 3 inoperable "GFCI" circuit breakers !


Unprofessional mechanical upgrades, typically the water heater or heating units, performed by homeowners or their "contractor friends" are the absolute worst. I have seen several incorrect and deadly water heater installations recently. One installation in particular sent the client to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning!



So remember..."Let the Buyer Beware" !!