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Hello Folks. This page is my Home Inspector's current events, or "What's New out There" page. The home inspection field is ever changing, just like any other profession.

...SANDY'S AFTERMATH...Our recent susperstorm named "Sandy" has devastasted the coastal areas of New Jersey and New York. Water became the primary villian, surging, displacing, and flooding everything in sight...I know, I watched it from 500 feet away! Repair of this storm damaged homes will be extensive. Damage is on a massive scale. Quality, reputable contractors will be in short supply. Protect yourself, hire a licensed home inspector to review all completed work, BEFORE you pay the bill !!

...WOOD DECKS...  New construction of exterior wood framed decks has greatly changed. Lateral loads have been increased to a point were metal mechanical reinforcements are required to achieve the new load calculations. Homeowner designed decks will likely be unable to meet these new designs. 

...SPRINKLER SYSTEMS.... New home construction will soon require the installation of fire sprinkler systems in every new residential house. Changes in society have severely limited the "new blood" needed to maintain our town and city fire services. The response to this ever smaller pool of firefighters are changes to the building regulations. Sprinklers are effective, but will add significant cost to new home construction.

That's all for now. We will continue to update this page on a regular basis to help keep our clients informed. Remember, it's not just a home inspection...it's a home education !

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