"Great Atlantic NJ"
        Dock and Bulkhead Inspection Company

"Welcome Home" with HBC Inspection Services and our newest division, "Great Atlantic NJ", the Shore areas premiere residential dock and bulkhead inspection company. The Jersey Shore attracts many home-buyers to the allure of owning a coastal waterfront home. HBC Inspection Services/Great Atlantic NJ are able to perform all the necessary inspections associated with your special purchase, at a reasonable price. 

Marine dock and bulkhead inspections are often tightly joined with the house design or renovations seen in waterfront home construction. There are many "Do's and Don'ts" when buying a shore area or waterfront home. HBC Inspection Services background and experience makes us uniquely qualified to point-out and help you understand the actions and their implications.

A dock and bulkhead inspection will also help you to understand the many materials and or construction methods associated with these marine structures. Each particular material brings it's own advantage...and sometimes disadvantage into play. Cost is also directly related to the various materials. Wood timber is more cost effective, but also has a definite life expectancy. Vinyl materials have shown a long service life, but cost can be an issue.

How did your summer house or bulkhead fare thru the Winter months ?

Remember, whether it be a home inspection, a termite inspection, environmental air quality testing, or a marine dock and bulkhead inspections, think of HBC Inspection Services/Great Atlantic NJ for one stop shopping. Call 1-888-773-8384 to schedule an appointment.  

...."Mark, Thank you for a job well done. I was pleased with the time spent at the Lavallette property and the explanations you provided. The home and bulkhead inspection reports exceeded my expectations and were well worth the money. Thanks again and look for our future recommendation." .......Joe D.  from Forked River, NJ

...."Mark, I appreciate your help in this matter. You are truly a professional at your trade. You really went out of your way! They don't do that in Bergen County." ....Susan B. from Englewood Cliffs, NJ